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Tired of waiting for your pole mount?

MT Solar has the shortest lead time in the solar industry on any panel configuration.  We have designed our solar pole mounts to be a standard product, eliminating the need to custom order every time.  You can even stock our pole mounts in your warehouse, ready to go for your next solar project. Contact us to get your Top-of-Pole mount today! 

Solar Pole Mount System

Our solar pole mounts are designed to be assembled at the waist-level and hoisted to your desired height from the ground.  By eliminating the need for a crane or heavy equipment to set your solar array, you save time and money.  Live in snow country?  Get significant clearance for snow shed.  Worried about hurricanes?  Leave the lifting assembly on the top for a quick way to lower the array to ground level.  Live off-grid?  Our adjustable tilt feature allows you to tilt the array with a simple hand-crank to maximize production year-round.  To learn how our mounting system can benefit you,  

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Product Information

MT Solar’s Top of Pole Mounts are engineered by installers, for installers.  By providing you with a fast and safe installation method, we make ground-mounted solar solutions easy and cost-effective.  MT Solar’s pole mounts work with most Heavy Duty aluminum rails and top clamps on the market.  We can provide the rails for you as part of the complete solar top-of-pole mount package, or you can supply them on your own.  Our experience and engineering gives you the confidence you need in a solar top-of-pole mount.  For more information on our multi-pole and single-pole configurations and design,

Better Mounts from the Bottom to the T-O-P