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Solar Pole Mount System


Cost Savings

Our solar pole mounts are designed to be assembled at the waist-level and hoisted as high as necessary from the ground.  This eliminates the cost of bringing in a crane or heavy equipment to set your solar array. 

Time Savings

Our mounts save you time on the front end and in the field.  Get your projects on the ground faster.  Our standard lead time is 1 to 2 weeks and we’re happy to try to accommodate projects that need pole mounts sooner.  Once your poles are set in the ground, our mounting system goes together quickly, providing you with labor savings throughout the entire installation.  Installing the solar panels on the ground is a breeze compared to hoisting each one up 10 feet in the air. 



The flexible and modular design of our mounts allows you to stock parts in your warehouse and avoid lengthy lead times.  We offer single pole configurations for 2 to 12 solar panels.  On multiple poles, we offer mounts for any configuration of 3 or 4 high in landscape.  The steel beams slide up to 3′ laterally, allowing for offsets in spacing on multi-pole installations. 

No limits

We’ve welded splice plates on the end of each I-beam to make it easy to add panels and racking in the future.  Why limit yourself to just one pole? 

You're In Control

MT Solar’s pole mounts work with most Heavy Duty aluminum rails and top clamps on the market.  We can provide the rails for you as part of the mount, or you can supply them on your own.  Finally, a pole mounting solution that makes sense, and money.  


On The Ground

Our solar pole mounting system minimizes the need for working from a ladder or operating heavy equipment.  By giving you the ability to assemble the arrays at waist level, we decrease the amount of work that must be done overhead.  This provides a safer solution to those ground mount solar arrays that require significant ground clearance for snow shedding.


Made for Everyone

The mounts are fully adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees with a simple twist of a crank from the ground.  No tools, no ladders.  Anyone from age 8 to 80 can change the tilt of their array. 

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Better Mounts from the Bottom to the T-O-P